Real thoughts of affection x (for Vanetta and Andrew with brothers love x)

First listend to when I was 15 at my Sisters new home on Andrews stereo x
First listend to when I was 15 at my Sisters new home on Andrews stereo x

Remembering things that actually happened.
Thinking on thoughts that started a smile or created a cry. Further thoughts that ask why do I die?

Remembering when my Sister got married, I was young and my Sister was getting married?

I was still young when I wished I’d had the time to know her as I grew older.
Before she met a wonderful man and became a wonderful wife.
She was young and so brave to change her life.

I was there to see her meet someone so perfect and strong for whatever reason.

Giving up the time I wished I’d spent with my Sister later made perfect sense.

Sense I saw playing catchup with my Vanetta in her early married home. Cold with only coal fires but warmed with a life together starting love.

Visiting her and getting to know with a fondness a man who I can say it has been a respectful pleasure to know, was, by the way.. silver lined, an introduction to saying goodbye to a Yellow brick road and finding a 7 inch “just another day.” Was May I say a lovely lining, but much more.

Much more than giving a young boy a passion for Mcartney  was letting him share in his Sisters lovely new life by an open fire on Old Hall Road.

pauliepaul with much affection xx


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