To Russia with love x

Still from the most beautiful film x
Still from the most beautiful film x

I like having a reader from the Russian Federation.

When I looked at my stats and saw that 1 person in the Russian Federation has read my work.

I realised I could make the difference…

Breaking into the Russian Federation has given me a lift. Perked me up.

I hope of all hopes its not a Weissmuller.

When I wrote a piece about Johnny Weismuller I wrote as I always do with care.

I suspect however I get stray search traffic reading by accident my lovely words about a cracking Tarzan.

I hope my Russian Federation reader meant to read the piece he or she read.

I should have more faith.

Faith : “the assured expectation of things hoped for.”



2 thoughts on “To Russia with love x

  1. Please get in touch if you are the reader from Russia x

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  2. Probably doesn’t understand a word of it… X

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