Evolution by Design by Timothy Sim Seed


I love the way we evolved a bigger brain than we need just in case we need a mass storage unit.
And I love that humans can create beautiful music and paint the perfect picture that says a thousand words of thanks to the marvel of design that evolution brought about.
I love the laws of species that evolution moulded to make it look like design.
I see now why the need to worship a higher spiritual force would be high on evolutions agenda.
The clear path of humans evolving through time is plain to see and questions about speech and compassion answered by brilliant men?

Tim Sim Seed


Weekly Word overdue 1/11/14

We'll always have Paris x
We’ll always have Paris x

Weekly word well overdue, fortnightly thought or monthly message more like.
Saw Casablanca on the Television today. I’ve watched it a hundred times and always understood Ricks resentment of Elsa because he couldn’t understand why she left him standing in the rain at the Paris railway station.
The fact is Elsa had the knowledge surrounding the situation. If she had turned up at the rainy station with tear stained cheeks to tell a rain soaked Rick that Victor was alive, and ask him what to do?
Then Rick would have made the decision for both of them a lot earlier.
Communication is brilliant for short films, and Peter Lorre.
That’s my point ….. X


Menu de la Vie

Lavish Rules interior.
Lavish Rules interior.

My favourite breakfast was in the south of France, not the food, that was croissant et cafe creme.
But sitting outside of the cafe in Cassis, alone with my Citroen parked a meter away to take me anywhere I wanted, made my memorable breakfast help me feel free, and taste the holliday happiness of being young.

My favourite dinner was with my lovely Jo on my birthday. She took me to Rules the oldest restaurant in London and we were welcomed with smiles and the taste of the food was only surpassed by my ever so expensive single malt, which I had for my pudding.

After the meal we had drinks at the top of Centre Point and I looked over the London night with a wonderful cocktail and a wonderful sight.
And the view was fine as well.

My favourite super was full with family by the shore of lake Garda. The heat of the day stayed until late and reminded me how brown I was.
My Dad was buoyant with stories and my Mum was laughing and my Sister cemented the love of us all as we shared a time together I will remember forever.

A cracking menu de la vie although I did skip lunch x


Gypsy Trust

I have to prise everything out of my Mum and she has gypsy power xxx

My Mothers hidden gypsy fortune makes me and my Dad smile.

My Dad had trouble marrying my Mum because of gypsy code.

Because of that code he couldn’t marry her.

Her and her smile.

Well not for at least a long while.

Sometimes my Mum’s strength was in a spotlight.

It is a spotlight.

My Dad had the gift of gaining gypsy trust.

He wanted to marry my mum, so that was just a must.

Getting my mum to talk about the story of then.

Well you can ask her again and again and wait until when.

Her green eyes listen and tell you a tale of a dozen tiny hidden gypsy stories.

And it’s worth a fortune.

Me and my Dad look in awe at her green eyes for a while, before we smile.


Gypsy Trust


My Mothers hidden gypsy fortune makes my Dad smile.
My Dad had trouble marrying my Mum because of gypsy code.
Sometimes my Mums strength is in a spotlight.
My Dad had the gift of gaining gypsy trust.
Getting them to talk about the story of then.
Well you can ask again and again and wait until when.
My Mum tells me a hidden gypsy story.
And it’s worth a fortune and me and my Dad smile.