a sturdy Kings Cross tale of a step too far

You can see the steps under the St Pancas sign behind the car x
You can see the steps under the St Pancas sign behind the car x

I quite liked Kings Cross before they fiddled around with it.
Tonight I arrived at St Pancras International from a visit to the North.
Not a dark alley to skulk in could be found.
People playing piano’s yes you could trip over a pianist easily.
Pianist’s 3
Dark alleys 0
In particular I miss a set of steps I considered so sturdy that led down to the road from the old station entrance.
No sign of them, assigned to a skip I fear after years of wear and service.
Not an even sturdy step in sight. Even as I picture the meeting concerning the sturdy steps that have fulfilled everything that anyone had ever asked of them.
“Onto the subject of the so called sturdy steps, any thoughts anyone?”
The answer was I fear not one of the sturdy step saving type.
Had I been there though, then history and indeed the redevelopment of Kings Cross could and I would argue now as I would have then, should!
Have included a small set of dear dark damp sturdy steps.
Just to the left of the old station exit.



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