See you bright and early.

Hope I'm on time I overslept...
Hope I’m on time I overslept…

The worst not being able to get to sleep night you could ever have, would I think but I could be wrong.
Be caused by having to get up at 6am to get to the hospital to have your leg off.
True you have to get up early, but getting an early night on the eve of losing your second favourite leg, seems a pointless exercise and the last exercise one of your legs will likely to be involved in pointless or not.
Having a limb removed would I think be easier to cope with if you relaxed the eve before and fell asleep knowing you were assured a lie in. Your leg for sure should go to sleep safely knowing it should and it could sleep in.
Getting up early is nice when you don’t have to. When you have to get up early to have a leg off? Well, if you can’t have a last lie in with a leg you’ve graduly grown attached to?

I’d be asking questions.


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