Menu de la Vie

Lavish Rules interior.
Lavish Rules interior.

My favourite breakfast was in the south of France, not the food, that was croissant et cafe creme.
But sitting outside of the cafe in Cassis, alone with my Citroen parked a meter away to take me anywhere I wanted, made my memorable breakfast help me feel free, and taste the holliday happiness of being young.

My favourite dinner was with my lovely Jo on my birthday. She took me to Rules the oldest restaurant in London and we were welcomed with smiles and the taste of the food was only surpassed by my ever so expensive single malt, which I had for my pudding.

After the meal we had drinks at the top of Centre Point and I looked over the London night with a wonderful cocktail and a wonderful sight.
And the view was fine as well.

My favourite super was full with family by the shore of lake Garda. The heat of the day stayed until late and reminded me how brown I was.
My Dad was buoyant with stories and my Mum was laughing and my Sister cemented the love of us all as we shared a time together I will remember forever.

A cracking menu de la vie although I did skip lunch x


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