A harmless tale of ambition

He started out as a prowler, he liked prowling. Then he met a girl and she said: “what are you doing with your life?” He said “prowling.” “No ambition then?” She said under her Pinot breath. One night when he was prowling he saw an open window, with the words of the girl he lovesContinue reading “A harmless tale of ambition”

Hero in his own dinner time.. (Knowledge is power 😜)

At school when school was a real life journey reaching the third form meant you knew who was who. Who was who was Rob Warner, and standing behind him in the dinner queue watching him flick the ears of the boys it was safe to flick the ears of suddenly stopped being safe. At schoolContinue reading “Hero in his own dinner time.. (Knowledge is power 😜)”

Master chef Masterchef master chef master c h e f

Master chef Africa… Skills test walk 10 miles for water, how will he get on with a chef endorsed by a tyre company. I like that your using all of the carcass before your family starves. Greg the food he put in front of us was only fit for one thing! We both know whoContinue reading “Master chef Masterchef master chef master c h e f”

The Fourth Form, it was a very good year.

My friend from the fourth form was a bed wetter, and he swallowed juicy fruit as he wet the bed on purpose just because he was told not to by a psychiatrist. My fourth form friends dad was away, and my friend would visit him with his mum. He had a flick knife and listenedContinue reading “The Fourth Form, it was a very good year.”

Satisfaction at the ex ex service men’s Club.

When my Uncle Derick upset the landlord at The Ex Service mens Club. They agreed that satisfaction should be met at Dawn. The next day was Dawns day off, so I being me. Agreed for the third time to be my Uncle Dericks second, and he chose to fight… Well they settled on toffee hammersContinue reading “Satisfaction at the ex ex service men’s Club.”

Have you got PSI?

Inaccurate tyre pressure gauges in the 1980’s have caused detrimental things to happen and the truth is only just emerging. Have you paid to over inflate your tyre in good faith? Are you due compensation? Inaccurate tyre pressure can and has been proved to cause stress and cancer leading to death the ultimate let down.Continue reading “Have you got PSI?”

a sturdy Kings Cross tale of a step too far

I quite liked Kings Cross before they fiddled around with it. Tonight I arrived at St Pancras International from a visit to the North. Not a dark alley to skulk in could be found. People playing piano’s yes you could trip over a pianist easily. Pianist’s 3 Dark alleys 0 In particular I miss aContinue reading “a sturdy Kings Cross tale of a step too far”