A Cello

A Cello - oil on canvas pauliepaul
A Cello – oil on canvas pauliepaul

Paying an actor to act starving? Where’s the method in that?


It’s debatably funny what we call success.

For you, Is it something that you feel or know you have?

Or is it measured by your peers or the press or someone worth less?

I fear that success is sized by wealth, not health or giving or saving and sharing.

You spot success by what people are wearing?

Success can be the art of playing a part, the artist playing or acting the part can be more successful than the person they are playing or acting the part of?

Because they act and play the role so well, and we all fall for the film star, it’s maybe the way they get into the characters mind and play the rapist to a T?

And sad or not but this is the deal, the Path to success is waiting for the films reviews to say that the rapist felt real.

It’s funny what we call success. Is it measured by the amount of goals you score in any overated 90 minutes of pampered play?

Or how much you make as you float your cure for cancer on the stock market?

Not the amount of lives you save as you work for free and live in a tent because you were sent to help.

Success could be making  money on food or water, or gradually growing wealthy on the profit from heating the homes, of the people who lived and fought through a fight for freedom that many might not see as success now?

Sadly for some success is survival.

Not scoring a goal or pretending to be a c.i.a. multi passport owning political strangler.

Oh I mean balance it all!

Make success be being kind and healthy.

Not selfish and wealthy.

And if you need a starving person for scene 2 go and feed one.


Wallace and I

"Sitting down to enjoy my Holliday."
“Sitting down to enjoy my Holliday.”

When me and Wallace watch “Withnail and I” we could but we don’t have the sound turned down.

We don’t and I quote “quote the film in full.” But we do quote a lot but we both don’t mind.

Getting a random “Withnail” quote from Wallace was a weekly way for him to say hello paulie.

Sending a favourite “Withnail” quote to Wallace was a way for me to say I like our friendship now but I’m sitting down to enjoy my Holliday.

I have of late not watched “Withnail and I” with Wallace for a while, but I will do soon and grin as I quote and watch the landlord get arseholed on rum. X


Tymon Dogg tales in The French House

Tymon left me right and happy x
Tymon left me right and happy x

One lone wolf visit to The French House after the Saturday had blurred into Sunday.

I was wonderfully drinking when I wonderfully met Tymon Dogg.

I was aware of his work, with The Clash most of all.

But listening to his stories of Nico and more was such a joy.

We drank more and The French House frowned as we laughed.

Hope your well Mr Dogg, I remember it being a pleasure x


Rob is as Rob does x

Rob against a blue sky with a hat on just as I remember him x
Rob against a blue sky with a hat on just as I remember him x

When we shot “where’s Ken?” On that spare afternoon.
Working with Rob was a lot easier for me than it was for the speaker trainees who were taken to the back of Quickfit and asked to show their emotion as well as 40% on anything over a Monkey.

The time when Rob raced Dylan to Finsbury park with a quarter length long leather coat on will still be remembered by a few as the greatest North London sporting event and as Dylan returned  the urge for fame seemed to drain from the once fearless face of Rob.

He asked me about the time Joe and me took him on a robbery, and was it always that quiet.
I said was it like the Marie Celeste?
He said yes.
I said that is a test, and you my friend have passed x


Time to watch other people’s lives.


Observing ourself in real life on the television is more than art imitating life.
If and when we find out pawn stars are actors, would we sigh and cry?
When we put cameras in our lives for other people to watch with the spare time they have in their lives should we say well I’ll just film down the Coop.

Watching people pretending to be real people in Soaps is one thing, watching real people live their lives because it’s cheap TV is another.
Or the demise of fiction and the actor. Because as they say, truth is stranger than fiction.
And it’s cheaper, apart from The Truman Show.


Liking yourself on Tuesdays

Thanks Tiger x
Thanks Tiger x

When you like yourself forever how long, you shine and everyone in the world knows that you like yourself.

When you like yourself your putting behind all the things that affected you and made you feel sad.

When you like yourself meeting a partner is not a priority, when you like yourself you still get sad, and you still don’t like something or trait that drives you mad.

But those things are a part of what makes you, and you have learnt to like yourself, so things about you that should make you sad, can now make you glad as you try to change them for the good.

When we realise we like ourselves it will be on a Tuesday. Even if we only like ourselves on a Tuesday for the time being, well we can like that about ourselves.

After you learn to like yourself on Tuesday’s it’s all easy from there.

And I’ll see you Wednesday morning x


Jump in and be Neighbours

Said happy cafe
Said happy cafe

Sometimes if I’m working at home, I pop down stairs and stroll into The Holloway Jump In Cafe.
They never mind me strolling in, and over the years as neighbours I feel a likeable familiarity I thought I would never feel from a cafe, or a London neighbour.
We don’t have to say much, but we are London neighbours. I like London neighbours.
Last week Jo came in and said you left without paying at the cafe!
I had completely forgot to pay.
Something about the Jump in Cafe makes me feel like we’re in it together.
That goes well with bacon and egg, just remember to pay! I can hear Jo say…