Do you see? ..

Alanna Miller x
Alanna Miller (from blind cat rescue)

Spending your life looking after the cats that can’t see, or selling twitter followers to people you pounce on to make a pointless Pound?

Do you see?

It can’t be just me?

Grabbing for a name only fame, or giving your whole adult life to foster a family of children?

Who now have the skills to save themselves and still have emotion left to cry as they remember now and wonder how?

The Foster carer knew to turn her back? As she took the full force of all their flack. Then silently turned with a smile, as she walked them through.

Life’s next mile.

All the while steering them towards approaching the love they need for a life worth living and sharing and giving.

Do you see?

It can’t be just me?

I know it’s not .



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