Late nights with a Fiat


One of the pop up headlights on my Fiat X19 was held up by a piece of wood.
Sometimes if I went over a bump my Fiat would wink, until I stopped and put a matchstick in its eye.
My Fiat and I did have late nights, driving back to Nottingham after seeing a late showing of Bladerunner at The Metro; with the roof off listening to Vangelis on the way home to my open fire sherwood flat.
That was a lovely late night with my Fiat, and when home the cat, from the upstairs flat, would sneak in my broken sash window and perfectly purr the right amount around my head.
I would watch the fire glow with cat and me in bed, while the perfect purr and the fading fire embers was enough to make me sleep with a smile and not worry at all about the imminent m.o.t test, which my Fiat and I both wished we’d approached with both eyes open x


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