Paying an actor to act starving? Where’s the method in that?


It’s debatably funny what we call success.

For you, Is it something that you feel or know you have?

Or is it measured by your peers or the press or someone worth less?

I fear that success is sized by wealth, not health or giving or saving and sharing.

You spot success by what people are wearing?

Success can be the art of playing a part, the artist playing or acting the part can be more successful than the person they are playing or acting the part of?

Because they act and play the role so well, and we all fall for the film star, it’s maybe the way they get into the characters mind and play the rapist to a T?

And sad or not but this is the deal, the Path to success is waiting for the films reviews to say that the rapist felt real.

It’s funny what we call success. Is it measured by the amount of goals you score in any overated 90 minutes of pampered play?

Or how much you make as you float your cure for cancer on the stock market?

Not the amount of lives you save as you work for free and live in a tent because you were sent to help.

Success could be making  money on food or water, or gradually growing wealthy on the profit from heating the homes, of the people who lived and fought through a fight for freedom that many might not see as success now?

Sadly for some success is survival.

Not scoring a goal or pretending to be a c.i.a. multi passport owning political strangler.

Oh I mean balance it all!

Make success be being kind and healthy.

Not selfish and wealthy.

And if you need a starving person for scene 2 go and feed one.


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