Liking yourself on Tuesdays

Thanks Tiger x
Thanks Tiger x

When you like yourself forever how long, you shine and everyone in the world knows that you like yourself.

When you like yourself your putting behind all the things that affected you and made you feel sad.

When you like yourself meeting a partner is not a priority, when you like yourself you still get sad, and you still don’t like something or trait that drives you mad.

But those things are a part of what makes you, and you have learnt to like yourself, so things about you that should make you sad, can now make you glad as you try to change them for the good.

When we realise we like ourselves it will be on a Tuesday. Even if we only like ourselves on a Tuesday for the time being, well we can like that about ourselves.

After you learn to like yourself on Tuesday’s it’s all easy from there.

And I’ll see you Wednesday morning x


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