Islington Green next stop

Islington Green in lovely light.
Islington Green in lovely light.

Puncture fixed my bike down the stairs and facing foreword.
Facing forward meaning facing flat, and because a time had passed I liked facing flat.
Softly at first on my Hallowed Holloway Road, I pass my old Uni and Rinkon cafe on the right, still there I smile as I pass another mile. Around and past Highbury corner and still flat I look fit as I easy pedal past a bar that makes me remember another smile altogether.
Oh I could have cycled miles, if only I hadn’t stopped for smiles as I heard a crooner sing his way through a Sinatra showcase as I sat with coffee on Islington green.
I finished my Mocha on My Way and headed for Holloway home. Glad of my ride I put my bike back on the landing and remembered why I love London.



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