To lose one hat is unfortunate to lose two…. Deserves an Oscar

The Charlie Chaplin pub in the Elephant and Castle. Only Brian knows the truth x
The Charlie Chaplin pub in the Elephant and Castle.
Only Brian knows the truth x

Losing my black goat skin Diesel hat was symbolic of a shambles life.

But I still don’t understand how I could have lost it.

I do however have an idea.

Once I was woken up by my mobile phone in a hotel near Hyde park.

My brother had called to ask me if I had lost a bag?

“Of course not” I said, looking round for the bag, with all of my transient life in.

“Might have” I said as my stomach tried to remember why it was hitting the floor.

Jamie told me a lady had been calling him saying Timothy…

He had put the phone down twice, her English was bad, but then realised she was reading from my passport next of kin number.

My middle name is Timothy.

I looked around the hotel room for anything.

Nothing, something, my wallet was in my jacket pocket. It would not be a whitewash.

I called my cab driver at Elephant cars to see if I had left my car keys in his cab.

He said no but I got to the office and searching his cab found that they had dropped between the gear lever and seat.

Now all I had to do was call the kind lady who had my bag, and arrange to meet.

When I got my bag back from the lady in Camberwell I was dazed and emotional, everything was there. Including cash I had left in the bag.

The bag was as tidy as it would ever be and I had to force her to accept a token reward, but I gathered her reward from the Lord would be greater than a twenty pound note.

She had an inner reward as I saw from her smile. X

The happiness she got from giving me my bag back would last her an all time of a while.

My hat slowly started to make its way into my consciousness by now.

Where was it?

Where is it?

After getting my bag back I got the bus back to the Elephant and walked round to see Brian.

He made me a brew and as I cuddled my friend Molly the Staffi on the sofa, we tried to piece things together.

He hadn’t seen my hat since I was wearing it playing pool and drinking after shocks with Adrian in the Charlie Chaplin.

We went to search but never found my hat.

Finding it  would have taken the sting out of losing the job.

My old Corsica hat I had left for too long behind the bar i loved, and when I went to claim it, it was long gone.

So long Corsica hat.

To lose one hat is unfortunate, to lose two….


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