I’m with Sulu on this.

Mr sulu n Santander Crouch End. Out of charector in his defence.
Mr sulu in Santander Crouch End. Out of charector in his defence.

Learning not to be bothered by a Santander email informing you of imminent charges, would I think be high on the Star Fleet selection programme test.
Can’t see Kirk worrying about an unauthorised overdraft, and Pickard would always keep his account in order. Not sure about Spock, he gives nothing away and I think he banks with TSB, the Vulcan way.

Of course in Star Trek the notion of banks is a joke. I would like to beam into Santander head office and threaten their clart with a phaser.
But that would be breaking the prime directive.
I wonder what Santanders prime directive is?

To seek out new ways of making money.
To boldly charge where no banks have charged before.
True say? Not funny, for every thing they charge you a score.

I want them to watch Star Trek more!
Mr Sulu you remember had some Santander charges once. Every one thought and Kirk as well that it was very untoward.

So now you see why Sulu, well of course he went mad with a sword!

And as I click on charges with a frown and a heavy sigh.

I’m beginning to understand, finally just why.
Santander and all of the rest, would never ever pass the Star Fleet test.


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