For Tom Crean my Hero

Tom Crean with sled dog puppies.
Tom Crean with sled dog puppies.

When Tom Crean found out he wasn’t marching on with Scott to the pole, I think he took it as if he already knew.

If Scott had have taken him, he might well have lived. As it was it was up to Crean to march the 13 miles alone to save the lives of Lashley and Evans as the last supporting party survived to tell the tale.

Crean would be one of the search party who eventually found Scott in a frozen canvas grave.

One day when I go to the South Pole inn in Annascaul, the pub Tom Crean retired into after his adventures. I’ll think about the time the bastard Black and Tans raided and ransacked until they saw the photo of Tom Crean in his navy uniform and next to it his medals for bravery from the King.

I would have liked to have seen those bastard Black and Tans back out of the pub with their heads bowed low.

If I had been Scott, Tom Crean would have been first pick for the push to the pole. Then who knows.

Tom Crean is my hero and they say you should never meet your hero. But we’re already friends.


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