I saw a Leopard Smiling at a Dog x


They had lived next door to each other for years and had only just met.
The dog ran a rehab for fox’s in the day and was a cat liaison officer at night.
The leopard was on the door at the Kit Kat club on Greek street.
They met on a landing in a block of flats on the Holloway Road.
Out of respect the dog avoided putting the leapard into a corner as they passed on the stairs ..he didn’t know that the leapard had seen him helping the fox’s and was in awe of his kindness and his ability to reason with feuding tom cats..
One night on his way home leopard was walking through Camden Town. His usual route home to Holloway Heights.
Tonight leopard heard a yelp and then another, he raced around the corner to find much to his surprise his dog neighbour fighting for his life as 2 much bigger dogs had him cornered.
Leopard snarled and pounced sending one and then the other Rottweiler flying. They were big but no match for her and as they ran they counted their lucky scratch marks.
Dog was in a bad way, his eyes were closed and leopard was worried. She licked his wounds and using her feline power hoisted dog onto her back and headed for home.
She passed Kentish Town and was soon on The Holloway Road at the door to her block. Dog whimpered as she placed him on her bed and as the leopard licked the dogs wounds until morning, they seemed to heal.
In the morning when dog awoke.
I saw a dog smiling at a leopard x

pauliepaul x



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