Finding My Inner Tube part 3

Waterloo book market sunset
Waterloo book market sunset

The thing I miss most about not living or working in South London is the time I spent near the river on the south bank.
Living in North London makes it a mission to even see a bridge. My time spent crossing and un crossing the river means I know it all well.
Just as you cross Waterloo bridge at the bottom of the down slope there’s a sharp left cycle path. I take it and head down and across the road at the bottom passing the NFT book shop side entrance and straight on to the river railing where my old bike stared in a Dustin Hoffman rom com.
I toy with the idea of a book rummage in the second hand book market just under Waterloo Bridge. But by now it’s certainly time for tea.
I lock my bike to the river railing opposite Eat, where I buy my tea and drink. Now it’s getting dark, I have no lights. I look at my phone and it rings. I expect my Brother but It’s my lovely Jo.
I tell her I may have to head for home, rush hour without light in the West End was not appealing. She backs me up x.
Decision made, bike mounted and pointed North on Waterloo bridge.
My phone rings in my pocket and I fumble desperately to answer, my brothers voice mentions Kilburn.
I explain about lights, and we agree to meet in Camden. He can turn off onto St Johns Wood road and cycle over the top of the zoo.
We have a plan but you need to know what else Jamie said.
But for now, we have a plan.


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