Credit check worker, life shirker…. (Strong language)

Get a real job you leaches!
Get a real job you leaches!

Credit check worker hangs up his paid for raincoat in the place they go.
In the morning before they credit check the poor people they hang their paid for rain coats up like so.
Credit check worker works for the people who say no, credit check worker has to work for the credit people, that we know say no.

Credit check worker defends his role, as a tempter of riches to the people who strive to sit in the seats of the humans given wealth by robbery from time past time. Sitting giving orders when you shit the same as servants?

At least France cut your fucking heads off, bankers and credit profit collaborators oh what joy when in the middle of the street we shave your greedy Fucking heads for fear of of a Frenchman to finish his job.

They care about money, that’s all. But my Grandma said to my Mum:
“Offering credit is against it all.” They know that people will not be able. But they like to earn what they can. On their greedy cheap table.

They have’t paid you say, did you lend them so they could smile? To improve their health?

No you lent to earn, you think your grave will be heavier with your pointless wealth. For your pointless self. And you still don’t see it.

You fucking twat!

(greedy money making stupid people 😪)


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