Prison in Mind by Paul Roberts

Prison spaces are funny places. Like porridge people find comedy in adversity. And there were other things that worried me then. And Prison faces are weathered spaces. You see pain and pathos in their eyes. As they look down never up to catch your glance. But prison grace is something else. The hope that comesContinue reading “Prison in Mind by Paul Roberts”

Remembering my first Paul Smith jumper

When I was 17 I had a time after school without work, without knowing what I wanted to do. One day my oldest friend Gary called me and asked me if I needed a job. I said yes. Gary gave me directions to a factory floor in the heart of the lace market, which wasContinue reading “Remembering my first Paul Smith jumper”

Finding my inner Tube. (part two)

It’s funny how time changes your thoughts. Years ago locking up my bike in SoHo with an hour or two to kill would have registered high. But somehow it didn’t. I hadn’t heard from my brother but felt his approach, at the same time I felt hungry. I walked over Shaftsbury Ave and into ChinaContinue reading “Finding my inner Tube. (part two)”

Finding my Inner Tube. part one

Writing this in a word doc, not in my usual note section of my ipad. Reason being I”ve left my ipad charger at my Parents. They haven”t found it yet or my phone would be ringing off the hook as if it”s the most important thing in the world. My Parents do not like unexpectedContinue reading “Finding my Inner Tube. part one”

When the street blesses you. By Paul Roberts

No idea how I got here and how I came to be but on days like this when the sun shines through the trees And when i remember stealing a jacket from another homeless guy and a stranger pushing small change into my hands and a lover that I never want to meet but nowContinue reading “When the street blesses you. By Paul Roberts”

For the love of my Grandad x

My Grandad Adkin, my Mum”s Dad is in an urn on the top of a tall coat closit in the hall way at my parents house. My Mum seems to like him there. None of us mind, because we all loved him. He lived with Mum and Dad before he died. My Brother was stillContinue reading “For the love of my Grandad x”

A Time Looked Forward to

A time spent at Great Fulford. A time that was top of the list of times looked forward to. For Daisy most, with Jo and Me a close second. Looking forward to a time that strangely feels valuable has to be of value, for so many like-minded people have priced the time at Great FulfordContinue reading “A Time Looked Forward to”