World war Words without Rhyme or Treason

Writing a poem in the mud as the whistle says over the top! He shouted “Stop!” “Stop being stupid you’ll all die they mean to shoot you now what’s this all about?” “My feet are freezing will you shoot me if I want to go home?” “Yes.” “Right let’s crack on then, how do youContinue reading “World war Words without Rhyme or Treason”

Written for Jenni and for her Dad x

Without recognition my love was returned. Of course I sent it back to the man behind the fragile face who I’ve loved since I became his daughter. So much tied into the past, all our love stored inside our shared lives. Becomming  a stranger to a father whose love was meant to last, that shouldContinue reading “Written for Jenni and for her Dad x”

Blue lights with Bells on. 🙉

Ironically the ambulance that caused my ears to ring for two days after it started it’s siren at point blank on the Holloway Road was the one used in my unconscious mind as was formed into a dream and in it the driver so horrified as his siren fell silent was made to watch CarryContinue reading “Blue lights with Bells on. 🙉”

Scaffolder on the National Health

Years ago when my life had taken on the characteristics of a shark that swam less and less each day until it stopped altogether, yet feeling the feeling of motion albeit a downward dive the shark began to swim and save himself and learn to live again. For me the downward dive was sitting byContinue reading “Scaffolder on the National Health”

Extract from the Man Who forgot how To ride A Bike

“Hello Mum.” Brian didn’t knock, just entered the house of his parents straight through the front door. “Put the kettle on Mum, I’m going to have a look in the shed for my bike.” Brian walked through to the kitchen and on toward the back door only to meet his Dad bending over what appearedContinue reading “Extract from the Man Who forgot how To ride A Bike”