Digging to Save your Marriage


Digging tunnels together will bring you closer it said
So we answered the ad.

“Any experience?” said the Man from Relate in the high vis.
“Only driving through them,” I said.
“Put you down as an unsure” he said.

“When could you start?  if you did want to to tunnel to save your marriage.”
He added.
“What’s today?” I said Tuesday, well how about tomorrow?

“Great” he said have you got any tackle? spades mainly, a pick wouldn’t hurt.”

The next day we arrived early with our spades and started digging down together.

After a while when the hole was deep enough we began to tunnel together to save our marriage for the first time.
That was a month ago and we are a lot closer, we had a moment when we tunnelled the wrong way for a half of a mile and came close to coming up under the lido on Park Road.

Oh we laughed and how as we turned and headed for Budgens.

We hope to come up under the meat counter on Sunday because the in laws are coming for tea.
Would I recommend it? Yes we are a lot closer and are planning another tunnel in the Spring.


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