A Xmas To Remember (strong language)


My friend said he was treated differently after shitting himself on Xmas morning.

He said “I properly shit myself on Xmas morning and paddled it all through the house.”

His Dad came home from the pub with his uncle and they both said as they entered the house.

“It smells of shit in here!” And his Mum said, “Its because he’s  shit himself and paddled it all through and
he’s ruined Xmas.”

My friend said that at the moment he shit himself on Xmas morning his life changed as fast as his underpants on that fateful day.

His shit yourself on Xmas morning blog now has 10,000 followers, apparently it’s more common than you think.

My friend has now  made a fortune from shitting himself on Xmas morning and has no regrets.

His Mum and Dad said “we had to learn to love him all over again.”

They also said wherever they spend Xmas the smell of their sons shit is forever a present.


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