Me and Katie Crouch End not sure what year.

What Katie did next, that’s after we became so close friends.
After the day we spent with Tam, throwing sticks and sitting in a sun lit Kenwood garden.
When I feel so protective when I think she might be sad.
And when I don’t see her for a week or two, but I’m glad when i know that she’s ok.
Well I don’t know, but I hope, and I think she would say.
Yes I remember my friend from the afternoon in the sun lit Kenwood garden,
And if she was in need, indeed I’d be there.
Because for more than some reason I carefully care.
I hope what Katie does next will make her happy, I nearly know that it will.
And I will smile because.
Just because.
What ever and ever that Katie does next, is what Katie does best x


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