Finding time to kill whales and find fame


So now we may be running out of time

Listen it’s easy…

Do the good outnumber the bad?

Do the happy outnumber the sad?

Are the people who cry when they see useless slaughter,

Stronger than the people making profit from death?

Stronger than people making money from money?

Get over the top lads and kill them because we’ve thought about it and it’s the most sensible decision.

Make it good we’ll make a film and a video game and a trail of fame.

We’ll feed a multi billion dollar arms industry,

And a chemical cure for faces to lift the vanest and charge more for the cancer cure with a lack of care as we make idiots famous for far longer than fifteen minutes.

This I like..

What about the whales?

Well we asked Japan and they said

Fuck the whales what are north Korea doing?

We said what for a living?

For a living whale?

They havn’t got time to kill whales.

Well they need to find time!


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