Week end 31/8/14

Firstly a well done to every one in a week not over for some that had some testing times.
Time spent with family is a solid investment but it involves effort and patience and a degree of communication vital for a healthy happy love for one and other.
If in doubt give
See you next week x



Thoughts of Amanda


When I felt she was my friend.
And when I knew that she relied on me.
When she giggled and the after parties were full of feeling together.
When I wondered if she knew how much I felt for her?
And how much I wish we could meet now and cuddle without saying a word.
When I hid my hurt when I felt like a stranger.
When I messed up and tried to make it right.
How I felt when I confessed to the coat misappropriation.
When I messed up again and tried to make it right again, and again.
How I still think fondly of her and yet never expect any return.
These are a few of the feelings that follow my thoughts of Amanda.


Pope calling Dad


When I told my Dad I wanted to be a pope he smiled and put his arm around me.

I was 6 but looked much younger.

As the years passed, my calling to be pope concerned my Dad.

It concerned my Dad like mad.

When I was 8 I went with friends to a Pope party.

When I was 28 I realised it was just a birthday party for my friend.

Being 8 meant I saw the Pope in every one.

The Pope was real, but for a moment after the world of sport.

My Dad’s concern gave way to love and care.

Soon Pope pictures adorned the living room.

And Mum would make me Pope like clothes.

I didn’t become a Pope, not officially.

Better than that Dad said I looked like a proper Pope.

Then he’d laugh and then he’d cry and paw at my robes.

Oh you little Pope he’d say.

And I would take his hand and say yes Dad, I’m your little Pope.


Written for Paul Carr (first poem I ever wrote)


I had dear flat mate in two small cities.
We’d sit at home get drunk and write dities.
And I always remember he never got shirty,
When I helped him to crash his Beatle named Bertie.

And so to France across the sea on a boat.
He wore a berry and I a black coat.
We arrived at Ru De Bastille in a small room with a view,
And then headed south with a bag that was new.

We arrived back home one melancholy day.
To find our world was still there in it’s financial mess way.
And after the visit of the permanent power cut man.
I dropped him at Claud Street in a white transit van.

pauliepaul 1988

A small part of London

The Uxbridge Arms


Oh a small part of London that trust makes it hard to write about because of affection and when in need and when you fall and land without job and girl raw with tears broken and as you hurt you show it and the real people help and Brian makes a call and paulie homeless has a bed and toothpaste and I’ll never forget the Elephant and will fondly remember with love the time when as low as I could go I was cared for by a small part of London


Extract from “the Man Who …. 3

After the service, Brian was puzzled at the closeness of the butcher
Gibbon, and the representative from the channel swimmer society. The
two were talking as though they had known each other all their lives.
Brian’s Mum put her arm through her sons in solidarity.
Brian missed the point of this action and pointed over at the butcher Gibbon.
“What’s going on their Mum?” said Brian to a Woman who had suffered
more than her share of abuse from a man who cared more about sausages
than he did her.
“Your dad used sausage fat to grease up with for the channel swim
son.” She said calmly.
“It was very revolutionary at the time amongst those in the know. Your
Dad loved it. In fact, I think it’s the only reason he tried the
bloody swim. He hated swimming. I think he loved sausages that much,
he just wanted the smell of them all over his body.”

The warden at the prison had informed Uncle Derrick of his brother’s
death. And every inmate was ready with a sympathetic ear and a
friendly stab in the back. However, Brian’s Mum felt the need to visit
him and give him the news in person.

He always protested his innocence and said that a man called ken was
responsible for all of it.
Brains Mum did remember him talking about his friend Ken years ago. It
was around the time when Brian’s dad came out of the army. Derrick had
started to pal around with this Ken and Brian’s Dad had struck up a
friendship with Stuart while they were in Germany. The two friendships
seemed to drive the once inseparable brothers apart. Neither one would
meet the others friend, it was as simple as that.

In 1980, Brian’s Uncle Derrick was 32. He was 6’2 and could run the
hundred meters faster than a Policeman. Derrick was also a talented
boxer, a talent that ran in the family. His brother, Brian’s dad; had
come out of the army with the Alied boxing title under his belt.
Brians dad was a good boxer; he had to be to win the army
championship. Derrick however, with his brothers guidance showed the
potential to be an extraordinary talent.
Brian’s dad would encourage Derrick when he was home on leave. The two
were a sight to see. Derrick looked up to his brother so much at that
While his brother finished his national service Derrick trained long
and hard at a small boxing gym in Sneinton market. He had 13 amateur
fights in that time and won them all inside the distance.
Brians Dad and his brother Derrick were natural athletes. It seemed
like they could do anything they set their mind on.
Brian ‘s Dad had trials with Forest in his youth. Of course, he was
accepted. When asked years later why he didn’t embrace such an
opportunity. Brian’s dad said,
“It wasn’t for me.”
In 1975, Derrick played with Tony Woodcock at Eastwood town, a small
town on the outskirts of Nottingham. A forest scout spotted the two
players. Tony Woodcock became famous, playing in a legendary forest
squad under the foatball genius that was Brian Clough.
When asked years later why he didn’t embrace such an opportunity. Derrick said.
“It wasn’t for me.”
Back to1980, Brian’s Uncle Derrick was 32 and had long since given up
any sporting discipline.

Derick channeled his energy into setting up a shop in a run down part
of part of Nottingham. The business was a success, taking the name
from a Tom Waites song, Brian opened a café called ‘Burmah Shave.’
This was a café that offered an old fashion shave by an experienced
barber on the firsr floor.
Because of Brains conections the café was instantly a cool place to be seen.
Burmah shave thrived and it wasn’t long before he opened one in derby
and another in Liescter

Invested a lot of money in property …EXPAND

Lived a modest lifestyle

In 1980, Derrick’s world fell apart. With everything going for him in
so many ways, it took a normal Tues morning to snatch things back.
Derrick and his friend Ken were hurtling down Bells lane on his way
into town on Derricks Yamaha RD250. They hit cinder hill Island at
full pelt as they always did.
Today the bike hit a small oil spill and dropped like a stone.
In his interview, Derrick insisted TO THE POLICE that Ken was thrown
clear onto the verge at the side of the island.
He then recalled how he got trapped under the bike with one leg pinned
and one leg free.
Derrick’s free leg got run over by a dustbin lorry returning to its
depot in Bullwel.

It was a week before Derrick regained consciousness at the city
hospital. He awoke to find a space under the blanket where his leg
should have been.
After two more weeks involving hours of counseling, Derrick was
accepting the cards he’d been dealt and was embracing the chance to
walk again with the help of an artificial limb.
The Police were ever present at the hospital, and were more and more
mystified as to the where- abouts of the person Derrick described as
“The rider of the motorcycle.”

After Derrick was released from hospital, family help was too long in
coming. By the time Brian’s Dad had made the decision to be there for
his young Brother; Derrick had already made contact with ken.
Before long and with kens encouragement Derrick’s life had slipped
into that of a burglar.
He and Ken were known by the Police and The Evening Post as:
“The bungalow Burglars.”
This was because Derrick and Ken only ever burgled bungalows, and
the ground floors of houses.
The Police in their, infinite wisdom, thought that this was a
trademark left by a master criminal. In reality, it was because
Derrick, couldn’t climb stairs very easily with his artificial
After three months of succesfull burgling, things came to a head one
Thursday when Derrick and Collin were disturbed by a homeowner
returning early from work.
Later, and in court, Derrick recalled that the man said.
“What are you two doing in here?”
Derrick then recalled in court that Ken.
“Properly strangled him.”

Derrick and Ken’s Burglaries took on a different shape after they
strangled Mr. Phillips on Brace Bridge Drive that grim Thursday.
Derrick recalled that Ken took to Strangling, as if he’d found his
vocation in life.
“He loved strangling.” Said Derrick.
Soon every burglary involved a strangling. Derrick recalled that on
one occasion they burgled a house and then Ken, disappointed not to
find anyone home, knocked on the house next door and strangled the

By the end of the year, the net was closing in. After a frustrating
attempt to burgle a rather large house in The Park, Derrick recalled
to the Police how Ken after strangling the home owner, got completely
caught up in the frenzy and proceeded to strangle the cat and
attempted to strangle the goldfish. (It came out in court that this
was a Coy Carp)
This was to be the end of the bungalow burglars.
After trying for a several minutes to strangle the poor fish, Ken
removed his gloves in frustration, and proceeded to hit the goldfish
about the head with a toffee hammer that he happened to find nearby on
a coffee table.

A week later Derrick and Ken were making their way into the town
center by way of the goose fair. They walked to the top of the forest
and fought there way into the pub for a pint.
“Two pints of bitter please mate.”
The man returning with the drinks happened to be the landlord. Brian
handed over a five pound note.
The landlord delayed. Noticing the Omega seamaster on derricks wrist.
“Nice watch.” He said, look at this one. He proceded to show Derrick
his watch which was a Speedmaster. This was necter to Derick, who was
passionate about his watch.
“That’s nice mate, it’s a 60’s one yeah.”
The busy bar holted the conversation, the Landlord was pulled away
and Derick looked around for Ken.
The pints were finished and they walked out into the crowded night.

The fair was alive with lights and music.
Derrick was affected by the atmosphere and became very nostalgic . His
parents were killed during the war, and he went to live with his older
brother, and family. They went to the fair every year without fail.
Derrick said he and Ken both agreed that they would walk through the
fair, and as they did so, they further decided to have a ride on the
cake walk.
The cake walk was a conveyer belt that you walked along. The thing
that made it a ride was the jerking motion that made walking a weird
A strange choice of ride, but that was the ride that Brian’s mum
always wanted to go on. The ride that the men thought was girly.

From here thing get a little vague. Derrick describes the two of them
enjoying the ride until l he (Derrick) was caught off balance by a
sudden movement on the ride. He recalled how his artificial limb got
caught and he fell forward onto Ken, causing them both to fall with
out stretched arms.
In a cruel twist of fate, both left arms of (Derrick and Ken) seemed
to fall between the moving platforms and were both severed in an
instant just above the elbow.

Derrick didn’t mention his partner in crime until his hand was forced.
He would later reveal in tragic flashback how, after the arms were
severed the belt took them forward and dropped them off the end. The
end where they should be standing and joking and recalling how much of
a good time they’d had.
He recalls other details, a Policeman rushing forward to help. He
recalls Ken seeing the Policeman. He recalled the panic he saw on
Ken’s face as adrenalin rushed through his body.
Derrick awoke in hospital several days later minus an arm and a leg.
He joked that Goose fair was expensive, but it shouldn’t have cost an
arm and a leg!
His one remaining right arm was handcuffed to the hospital bed, much
to his annoyance.
“I could get out of this if I wanted.” He said to a passing nurse.
To find out the identity of Derrick immediately after the accident,
as he lay unconcious, the severed arm found at the scene of the tragic
accident at Goose Fair was identified by means of fingerprints.
Imagine the surprise on the face of the fingerprint man when he found
out that the prints on the severed arm at Goose Fair; matched the
prints on the toffee hammer that killed the gold fish in a robbery
earlier in the evening. This linked Derick with several stranglings,
and a charge of cruelty to animals. Things looked grim. Very grim!
The Police searched Derricks flat and found several items related to
several burglaries. At each of the burglaries connected with Derrick
someone had been strangled, apart from one where the next door
neibhour had been strangled.

Derick was removed from the general ward and put in a single room.
Outside the room sat a police constable.
After the fourth day in hospital Derrick was still in considerable
pain. This was bad, but the thing that annoyed him most was the fact
that he couldn’t tell what the time was. His watch had been on his
left wrist which was on his left arm which he had last seen lying on
the muddy grass at goose fair.
“Where’s my fucking watch!” Derrick shouted this every time he thought
of his old Daytona, which was often.
The lift opened at the second floor of the city Hospital and two
detectives walked along the yellow line towards the private wards.
The contable stood to attention as the officers approached.
“Any trouble? Asked the taller of the two detectives with the
expensive Boss raincoat on, and a hint of Peter Cook in his manner.”
“Tell me you’ve brought his watch.” Replied the constable.
The two detectives looked at each other for a moment.
“Bit of a problhem their Son, we can’t find it.”
“Oh shit, he’s going mental about his watch.”
“Lets put this into perspective.” Said the shorter detective, who bore
an uncanny resemlence to Dudly Moore.
“He’s strangled possibly 8 people, and we’re worrying about his fucking watch!”
“It was expensive.” The constable insisted.
“Look, these are the facts. Either there was no watch, or the
policeman at the scene stole it, or it was stolen by the one of the
fingerprint boys.” Peter Cook detective was laying it on the line.
“What about the ambulence boys, did the arm travel with the suspect or
was it transported in the Police car?”
The two detectives looked at each other but did not answer this question.
“Where’s my fucking watch!” echod from beyond the door.
“Ok,” said Pete. “we’ll leave the interview with the suspect today, do
a bit of background into the whereabouts of this fucking watch.”
He turned and walked back along the yellow line provided by the
hospital for direction. He was closely followed by Dud, who looked
back at a uncomfortable constable.
“Not a word about this!” he said as he rounded the corner following
the racing yellow line and wagging his finger as he made his way back
to the lift.
Pete and Dud retraced the whole incident , they got statements from
everyone. (off the record)
The officer that arrived at the scene of the accident was well known
to Pete, he placed himself at the scene seconds after it happened. He
was sure no one could have relieved the severed arm of an expensive
watch. Pete believed him.
After the ambulance arrived, Derick was carried on board and then the
arm was placed in a sterilized bag and transported to the hospital.
After the surgeon decided it was impossible to reattach, it was placed
in cold storage as was procceedure. No mention was made of a watch in
any report.

Detectives Pete and Dud walked into ferensics hoping for some answers.
“When did you fingerprint it?”
The question was aimed at Bill, a mature ferensics officer with years
on the job.
He started to explain.
“The hospital called, they asked if we could help in the
identification of a potentially fatal accident victom. The man had no
id on him. We get this a lot.
The arm was transported over to us from the hospital and we
fingerprinted it. That’s it.”
“Did you see a watch on the severed arm?” asked Dud
“A watch! This is about a watch!”
“Just answer the question please.” added Pete.
“No I didn’t see a watch, there was no watch.”
“Ok, said Dud, we’ll be off. “You haven’t got the time have you?”
Without thinking Bill lifted his sleave and read the time off his
waterproof alarm casio. He then realized.
“Get out!”
Pete looked at Dud as they walked out of the ferensics lab.
“Have you got the time-?” Pete said sarcasticly, “we’re no nearer
finding that fucking watch than we were two days ago!’ Pete was
getting frustrated.
The conclusion , after two days of investigation by two experienced
detectives’ was that the severed arm at the scene of the accident had
not had a Omega Seamaster on it’s wrist. The evidence was

The lift opened at the second floor of the city Hospital and two
detectives walked along the yellow line towards the private wards.
The contable stood to attention as the officers approached.
“Any trouble?”
“Tell me you’ve got his watch.”
“Come out the flippin way.” Pete and Dud walked into the private room
occupied by Derrick who was busy drawing a diagram of an imaginary
artificial arm, with bionic powers and an inbuilt Swiss timepiece
custom made by Rolex.
“Just walk right in lads! Fucking hell, can’t I have a bit of privacy!
I’ve lost an arm and a leg you know!”
Pete exploded in defence.
“Before you start, we have reason to believe that there was no watch!”
Their was a pause.
“I know.” Said Derrick.
“What do you mean you know?”
“Well it wasn’t my arm that was brought back to the hospital with me,
that’s why you can’t find my watch. It wasn’t my arm. Or to put it
simpler the arm that you brought back from goose fair with me wasn’t
Pete and dud looked at each other in dissbeleif.
“Did you say that the arm brought back with you after the accident
wasn’t yours?”
“Yes, That’s what I said.”
Dud took a step towards the bed.
“Whose arm was it then?”
“It was Ken’s, he must have picked mine up as he staggered off, that’s
the last thing I remember, Ken picking an arm up and staggering off
towards the walzer.”
This was almost too much for Pete and Dud, they both sat down in
silence and thought for a moment.
Dud needed a drink of water, and poured a glass from the table at the
side of Derrick.
“Help yourself mate, give your mate one why don’t you!”
Pete didn’t need a drink of water, he needed clarity.
“You were with an accompliss on the night of the accident? You had an
accompliss on the burglaries?”
“Off course I did, I’ve only got one bloody leg, Ken was with me, he
was a bit wild sometimes. ”

Outside of the private room the constable stood as Pete and Dud exited.
“Do you think we should have got that on tape?” said Dud to a blank faced Pete.
“We’ll have to come back and take a proper statement, he should have
his solicitor there as well. At least we haven’t got to worry about
that fucking watch!”
“What did he say about his watch?” said an inquisitive constable.
“You don’t wanna know said Pete and Dud as they followed the yellow
lines back towards the lift. Dud turned to the constable with a raised
finger before he rounded the yellow line corner.
“Not a word about this!”
Constable ‘look after Derick’ rubbed his ear, which had been pressed
tightly up against the door of the private room; containing Derrick
and two detectives who bore more than a passing resemblence to Peter
Cook and Dudly Moore.
After he’d rubbed his ear, he reached for his Nokia.

By the time Pete and Dud got back to the station, everyone knew about
the watch. Did it exist? Was it stolen?
“Anyone got the time?” amongst other things, echoed around the Police
offices at canning circus that afternoon, and it would not go away

The Old Days

Good shot mate hope you feel good, hope you die the same way.
Good shot mate hope you feel good, hope you die the same way.

In the old days when you wrote things down, a circus was a circus and a clown was a clown.

Talent was a gift propelling a printed face and a printed face sold a circus in the old days when you wrote things down.

In the old days following tradition meant more than just a chore,  in the old days when you robbed a shop you knew it was against the law.

In the old days when we had Elephants we shouted because they were being slaughtered.

At school we saw pictures of a Rhino. That translated into Chinese says: “did we really hunt and kill them oh wise one?Yes we did because crushing the horn of the dead glorious fantastic beast gave me a semi.”

“But this is detached?”

“That was in the old days son!”


Memories of school

My old school up for sale…

When I was young say 8 or 9 we being my family and I moved from the Council Estate where I was born to Eastwood the birthplace of D H Laurence.

The school was old and strict but I was fast and tough and I made friends with the nice and I beat up the rough.

Wish I could remember his name but one day in the outside toilet at playtime, one of my new friends stepped back from the old urinal and pausing for my attention pissed on the high ceiling of the Victorian toilet block and I was amazed!

I tried several times to do the same, but failed as my new high pissing friend watched on his secret safe.
I always looked out for him after that and allowed time after he’d been.

I think fondly of him even now.


Digging to Save your Marriage


Digging tunnels together will bring you closer it said
So we answered the ad.

“Any experience?” said the Man from Relate in the high vis.
“Only driving through them,” I said.
“Put you down as an unsure” he said.

“When could you start?  if you did want to to tunnel to save your marriage.”
He added.
“What’s today?” I said Tuesday, well how about tomorrow?

“Great” he said have you got any tackle? spades mainly, a pick wouldn’t hurt.”

The next day we arrived early with our spades and started digging down together.

After a while when the hole was deep enough we began to tunnel together to save our marriage for the first time.
That was a month ago and we are a lot closer, we had a moment when we tunnelled the wrong way for a half of a mile and came close to coming up under the lido on Park Road.

Oh we laughed and how as we turned and headed for Budgens.

We hope to come up under the meat counter on Sunday because the in laws are coming for tea.
Would I recommend it? Yes we are a lot closer and are planning another tunnel in the Spring.