Written for Paul Carr (first poem I ever wrote)

I had dear flat mate in two small cities. We’d sit at home get drunk and write dities. And I always remember he never got shirty, When I helped him to crash his Beatle named Bertie. And so to France across the sea on a boat. He wore a berry and I a black coat.Continue reading “Written for Paul Carr (first poem I ever wrote)”

Extract from “the Man Who …. 3

After the service, Brian was puzzled at the closeness of the butcher Gibbon, and the representative from the channel swimmer society. The two were talking as though they had known each other all their lives. Brian’s Mum put her arm through her sons in solidarity. Brian missed the point of this action and pointed overContinue reading “Extract from “the Man Who …. 3”

Digging to Save your Marriage

Digging tunnels together will bring you closer it said So we answered the ad. “Any experience?” said the Man from Relate in the high vis. “Only driving through them,” I said. “Put you down as an unsure” he said. “When could you start? ┬áif you did want to to tunnel to save your marriage.” HeContinue reading “Digging to Save your Marriage”