Wrestling and my part in it’s history


My Grandma said that Big Daddy was the only one who could fight Giant Haystack.

For me seeing Mick McManus get rollerball Rocko in a figure four leg lock changed my life.

My Grandma was strong, she would forearm slam the coalman sometimes, if he got it wrong.

My Grandma also made the milkman cry when his float went flat and she called him names.

When we were in the CoOp on Bracebridge Drive in Bilborough, my Grandma got a man in a half Nelson for jumping the queue.

He submitted and my Grandma won the bout.

The man said that it was wrong, 2 submissions or a knockout he said.

My Grandma knocked him out.

I loved her fairness.

When my Grandma met Kendo Nagasaki At the bingo is another story.


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