Nature and the Vacuume.

Wonderful maybe, but I never wespected it as a cleaner.
Wonderful maybe, but I never wespected it as a cleaner.

“Designing Vacume cleaners can be fun” they said and they asked me to spell Vacume which I did Vacume!

“Wrong!” they said,there are two U’s in Vacuume, one for U and one for the appliance.” Then I smiled and they said,

“Now see how your having fun!”

And I smiled again and said “Why don’t we do away with the nasty bags and surely Vacuume Cleaners can be sexy?”

They said I shouldn’t run before I can Hoover, and when I said that I’d vacuumed the stairs in the Council House

On Darnall Crescent where I was born they said I was lying and in those days stairs were swept.

Before I could say my Mum had a fully carpeted stairs and one of the first Through Lounges in Nottingham they sat me

down and asked me if I knew what a Ewbank was.

I said I think he’s a boxer and they smiled and said I could go.

Years later I asked my Mum what a Ewbank was and she said they promised to beat as they sweep, but my Mum

hated boxing but liked it really as she polished the North Staffs regiment boxing champion trophy sitting on the

mantelpiece next to half of my Aunt Aida’s Ashes.

She was buried at Wilford Hill, and her last request was that someone.

Lay a glove on her. X


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