Once Upon a Time in Peckham (adult language)


Years ago my Uncle Derrick said “Facebook can go and fuck itself with a rag mans trumpet.”
For years he searched for a rag mans trumpet with which Facebook could go and fuck itself.

Once upon a time in Peckham a trumpet sound sounded up a back street.
A backstreet full of bastard back street builders.

Sure enough passing the bullshit outside the bastard back street builders emerged a rag man, a rag man blowing his trumpet.

At last thought my Uncle Derrick, a trumpet with which to finally fuck Facebook.
He did the deal and took possession and planned to leave Peckham and finally fuck Facebook the next day.

I know what your going to say….
“Did he fuck the fucking bastard back street builders on the way?”


3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in Peckham (adult language)

  1. Yo – love it but think you need to take out the final ‘finally’. He wasn’t expected to fuck the bastard builders so to say he ‘finally’ does so slightly confuses the ending.. just saying x


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