Home From The Park

Just like this ;-)
Just like this 😉

When I was young and in the car with My Dad and my Mum
On the way back from Wolaton Park.
Me and my Sister in the back as it was just getting dark,
arguing because I had a light in the back compartment on my side
Of the red Mini that was my Mum and my Dads car.
Mum would reach behind frantic trying to try and smack us when we argued but that would make us laugh,  and as we laughed and we passed by a lock up near to the the Tali o club on Ilkeston road,
My Dad slowed the car as he remembered out loud a time, a time in his head.
He said that him and my Uncle Fred went into that factory to get some wages that they were owed, my Dad said pay what you owe fair is fair.
My Dad said he said can we pick up that cash to the Man in the office with a big Man next to him in a chair.
He said that the man in the office said that he hadn’t got any cash and of course he couldn’t pay.
My Dad said he said, what did you say?
He said the man said that he couldn’t pay.
My Dad said he went mad, and so did my Uncle Fred.
My Dad told me the big Man in the chair next to the Man in the office started to get out of his chair right at the time when my Uncle Fred was at his maddest.

Then my Mum said haven’t we had a lovely day ?

My Dad waited and then as he held my Mums hand i saw him see my Mum’s face and as he said we have I saw my Mum’s face feel safe.
After we drove home and the warm car gave way to the warm house, then my Dad looked at me and said up to bed son.
Without a sound I walked upstairs to put my pyjamas on knowing my Dad was making my Mum a cup of tea.
Later to become cider vinegar honey and molasses


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