Tess and The Fox Hunt .. second in series

imageTess and the Fox hunt.

It was two years since Tess had arrived as a puppy at the house where Billy lived. She had grown into a fine healthy dog and was still the best of friends with Billy. Tess could always be seen playing with Billy and his friends, often in the field at the back of Billy’s house.

Billy was moving through his school years, and was learning lots of new things. He had also made lots of new friends. Tess was a lot older and wiser than when she had first come to stay. She had also made new friends. In the farm next door to Billy’s house lived a family that were normally travellers.
There they had 2 puppies and as far as she knew they were called spike 1 and spike 2. Tess knew that Spike 1 and Spike 2 were not treated well at all, even as puppies they were a frightening sight. So strong and for anyone to look at them being afraid would be normal. Tess had freedom enough to visit them and she tried so much to help them. Tess didn’t know but the 2 dogs would long for the moment when she would put her nose through the bars and they would all nuzzle each other in true affection. Often Tess would try to share food with them, and she would wait with them until they fell asleep. Often they were beaten and Tess would cry for the 2 Spikes. She would go home and get into her comfy bed, but she would cry for the 2 spikes.
One day the 2 spikes were gone.
She always thought that they had left home because they were sad. She missed them, but she didn’t know that they left because of a reason that was bad.

Once when Tess was a puppy she was so sad that she had tried to leave home
She set off and walked right through the dark wood, which was very frightening for a small puppy. Here she met the Fox and the owl, who both helped her. She always remembered this and often went beyond the field at the back of the house to visit them for she counted them as true friends.


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