Daisy girl x


I like our imaginary phone calls
And I like our race up the stairs.
I like it when I think I was first, but she says that she has won.
I love it in the mornings when she’s happy and friends with her mum.
When she sings, I think she knows she’s good – and you know, and so she should!
Because she’s more than good.
I know we sometimes argue and I say use your knife and fork,
You have to have the last word if we have a little talk.
But I love the way we leave the flat ahead of your mum and you say ‘Shall we just leave her?’ and I say ‘Ok’
And then we both wait for her,
Because we both love her.
I’d like her to look after my monkeys more,
But she’s got Ted and Cat – and two more which makes four,
So I understand why I found small monkey on the floor!
I like it when she pointed out that Fox was really a mouse.
She said it quietly to me so as not to ruin the bedtime story.
I laughed ‘So that’s what we’ll do’
She said ‘You won’t’
I said

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