Tess In The City third in series


It was two weeks into Billy’s summer holiday when Tess noticed all the excitement. She recognised it as the time when the family started packing for their holidays. Billy’s mum was a busy ironing clothes and his dad was climbing up to the top of the wardrobe to retrieve dusty suitcases.
Sometimes Tess was allowed to go with them and she loved to play in the sea with Billy, the seawater made her coat so clean and fluffed it all up.

Tess was playing with Billy in the garden when she found out that she would not be going.

“You’ve got to stay with aunty Marg Tess we’re going on an aeroplane and they won’t let me take you.” Said Billy. “It’s only for two weeks,” he added as he bent down to give her a cuddle.

Tess had stayed with aunty Marg before; she had made a good friend in the city where aunty Marg lived, so although she was disappointed she wouldn’t be going to the sea, she was exited that she would be able to see her friend again.

The evening before the family were going away Tess saw Billy’s Dad put her basket and bowl into the back of the car, and she got ready for the goodbyes.

Billy was sad to be leaving her.

“Why can’t she come dad? She can sit on my knee on the aeroplane.”

“Oh Billy you know we can’t take her, it’s only for two weeks and she’ll get lots of fuss at your Aunty Margs.”

Billy went over to Tess and gave her the biggest cuddle she had had all year.

“Goodbye Tess, see you in two weeks.”

“Come on Tess.”

Billy’s dad shouted her and she trotted out of the front door and sat in the front seat.

“Get in the back Tess” said Billy’s Dad.


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