Xmas in May

"Make a Stand!"
“Make a Stand!”

I saw father Xmas in May.
He said he was in between jobs.
He looked a little sad and said his phone didn’t ring.
He didn’t seem to be coordinating any kind of mass gift distribution.
Although, Winter wonderland at Watford Gap, did have a ring to it.
When he cried in my arms it was an eye opener for us both.
He said his helpers weren’t helping, and now the services were fully open the spirit of Xmas seemed to take a back seat. which is where his Elves were right now, although I couldn’t see them.
And he added, they were charging for parking now.
I said “Elves can be awkward.”
He said “I’ve had it up to here with them,” as he levelled a hand at Elf height.
A week later we watched Notts County play and after 90 minutes as we were chased down the Iremonger road,
It all became so clear.
We just couldn’t see the true meaning of Xmas in May.
And neither may I say, could the away fans.


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