When I was a cat


When I was a Cat I fell in love with a Dog, we had to keep it quiet and we met on rooftops, he hated that.

I loved the way he chased his tail and I loved the way he watched me clean my whiskers when he thought I didn’t know.

Sometimes when I caught him a mouse he didn’t understand and I would pretend not to be upset.

When he was feeling ill I would know because his nose would be dry has he muzzled my ears.

When I was feeling low he would lick my face and know as he tasted my tears.

He would spend hours chewing a bone and I never understood why?

Sometimes I wanted to be alone and he pretended he wasn’t hurt.

When we had a play fight, I would lose my temper and scratch his nose.

He hated that.

He asked one day why I did it and I said because i’m a cat.

He hated that.

When we parted I was sad. I said I’m sure we can make it work.

He chased me up a tree.

I hated that.


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