What was the question?


So what’s the German for football?
Helmets for goalposts, mustard gas at half time.
When your young and your Grandad told you tales of a camp that was so horrific.
A camp that seems to be forgotten.
And you saw in your Grandads face what he had to face, only when he had died.
And I said did you play football at Xmas with them Grandad?
And Grandad cried as he said no, that was before, that was the war before.
He cried as he remembered more, and he said
He said:

“When we were safe, when we were so safe and sound.
When we were so safe and sound we looked at each other.
We didn’t speak, we didn’t say we’re safe and sound now.
Because we knew we were only safe and sound for a second.
We had time to think we were safe, for good or bad.
For alive or dead.”

When I was older I said why did the man want to kill millions of people?
Grandad had died by then.
And no one was asking the question anymore.
My Grandad asked the question.
And he cried.
And he died.
My grandad died.
What was the question?


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