The funny thing is the smoke screen that stops us seeing it all.
Chanel No 5 or an iPod Ten.

A strap on device that will tell you when.

It’s time to buy the new device because it’s got more features.
It has an app for telling you about the cleanest beaches.

It hasn’t got an app for sorting out the world.
Because we just need to earn lots of money and let the world sort itself out.
Get more minutes and make sure you can text.

Make sure of your pension and do try to make some cash by buying your flat.
You might need to sell it for a cup of clean water or a little shaving of Rhino Horn.


There is nothing better than investing in property.
Or maybe not you might win the lottery.

Either way the planet and all that comes with it.
Well it’s not our problem is it let the world leaders sort it out.

When it clears and we face our fears and we wipe our eyes and dry our tears.
And say it was the smoke screen as we stand and face the future years.

And maybe wonder who had access to such a large smoke screen anyway?
And have they got internet banking?
And an app for wanking?


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