Siege at the Jewellers

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 19.47.08

I met her again in spud u like she was working on the salad bar.
After the siege at the jewellers she was weary.
But I just had a green leaf salad and she relaxed.
We went on a date and on the train we argued about the best jacket potato filling and how much damage the microwave jacket potato had done in real terms.
I think looking back I knew it couldn’t work.
She did know a lot about loft insulation and now,
So do I.
I still think of her and I always put chives in my grated cheese just before the tuna mayo.
We spoke on the phone months later and after a pause She said:
You know we’re too different and your potato’s are too thick skinned.
I wiped away a tear and replied:
We’ll always have the siege at the jewellers x



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