Time is flying by now and my peers are far away in stable lives with children. Something maybe set aside for life, to ease them into ageing, making sense of all the time they’ve wasted preparing plans for now.

For me the years crept up and I was caught still raking over ashes from a wrongly started fire, holding back despair and grappling for direction with a compass showing all points grey and dark.

Oh but joy now from this lesser road, I’ve lived outside the bounds and followed whim and thought. From this I got to know myself so well now I can say of future times. We will all meet at the same place and ask,was it this way that I was supposed to tread? And I may say I trod a different path and yet here we are the same. Without rank but with friends to give meaning to a life and to the love we’ve had and to the love we’ve given.


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