Julie Walters

Julie Walters Two Soups x
Julie Walters Two Soups x

“Julie Walters said it would be ok.”
“You what mate?”
“Julie Walters, she said just pop round.”
“What do you want?”
“Just a couple of soups.”
“What, two soups?”
“Yes, she said just come round is there a problem?”
“What sort of soup you want?”
“What you got?”
“No, what soup do you want?”
“Not got chicken.”
“Who said you could come round?”
“Julie Walters, I swear she said just pop round and get 2 soups.”
“What soup?”
“What you got?”
“We got soup.”
“I’ll have that.”
“How many?”
“2, 2 soups.”
“Wait there.”

(a few minutes later, and he gives him the soup.)

“Nice one do you mind if I drink it here?”
“No, you can’t drink it here. Go take your soup and move off and Next time call! And don’t be using Julie Walter ta rati!”



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