I was a Spaceman


Me Mum and Daisy girl warm Bardalino eve x
Me Mum and Daisy girl warm Bardalino eve x

My Mum put my hood up and zipped my coat right up to the top.

She said I was a spaceman as I left for school as young as my memory and mind will let me be.
I was a spaceman for as long as it took me to walk to school up Melbory road then I came down to earth.

My Dad was singing My Way on stage as I walked in the Market Bar.. He’d been left alone for an hour in a pub on the Portobello Road….fair enough!

When I was broken into pieces my Mum held me, my Mum was me because she went through it all with me.

When I was down on my luck and my Dad brushed past me placing a Ten pound note in my empty pocket. I would hear.. are you alright for money son whenever he knew I wasn’t.

My Mum was good with money and my Dad could walk into a pub and know everyone within the hour.
My Mum couldn’t do this but my Dad was bad with cash.

My Mum said that Dad made her feel safe. I love that she said that.

My Dad would swim the channel to make Mum a cup of tea even after their bigest row of the week.

Behind every great man..is a great Women..
My Mum is my Dad’s great Woman behind him.

My Dad is a man with more inside than most will find.

I love them both so much I can’t describe without borrowing more emotion.


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