When I was a Dog

pauliepaul x
pauliepaul x

When I was dog I fell in love with a cat.
At least I think I did if I knew what love was.
I knew that when we parted I felt empty and I wanted to tell cat that I needed to be near her all the time.
My family and friends, the ones that knew.
They said I was mad and that cat was a fad.
But for a time it was perfect and listening to cat purr on the roof as we snuggled and slept and awoke in the morning sharing the lovely warmth from each other is etched forever in my canine heart.
I was in love and happy and that was that, but what came between us was that she was a cat.
Maybe I always knew one day we would part.
We had little in common and she had sharp claws.
And I think sometimes things got a little lost in translation.
Why didn’t she understand?
I can’t think of a day when I don’t miss her more than the day before.
When I was a dog I fell in love with a cat.
And I learned what love is and what love was.
Now looking back it’s simple to write.
I was a dog in love with a cat.
And that Is that.


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