Fox Day


When Saturday fox woke up on Friday morning he sat upright with a smile.

The whole day lay before him this hadn’t happened for a while.

After washing and dressing and preening his coat (Nicole Fari) he walked into Friday and what would await.

Walking into SoHo on that Friday, Saturday fox sat in Soho Sqaure.

Thursday fox had long gone home but Friday fox was there.

They smiled and talked and compared coats (Paul Smith) they took out pencils and made small notes.

Saturday fox asked Friday fox if he’d join him the next day.

Friday fox declined to answer as if he knew what his wife would say.

After laughter and smiles in differant Soho places.

With grins that would stick forever on fox friend faces.

Friday fox returned to home, with a smile and a happy heart.

He fell asleep gently and dreamt of his Saturday to start.


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