Danger turns the tide

paulie and danger x
paulie and danger x

My first novel, was the one that’s partly started,

The one set at the seaside, the one that didn’t start.

My second novel, the one they said would write itself,

The one where the setting became the boat with my Grandma’s name on –

Well my second novel became a drain, and the boat that should have shouted :

“Perfect setting!”

Made me sad, as it linked me to a too strong life sadness, and Ethel Rose the happy setting, telling the story of a

positive plan gave me dread and made me more than so sad.

My third novel is set in the spring, and a simple change brought Danger, but Danger with his power.

And a new sense of life with growth and unchained from the sadness of a Sad Ethel Rose.

Became the novel most read by far.

And seeing Danger turn the tide of sadness, much more see it through to gladness.

Makes for me a happy read.

And I smile, a smile that makes me feel somethings succeed.

Especialy in the face of danger. XX


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