Another Year



Another year

Another reminder of our mumbling mortality.

Another fear, and another past caring smile at the neighbour who wants to chop your tree down

.Another tear, another tear for the wasted finless sharks. 😦 crying )

Or the odd Elephant or two,

Well who gave them the right to be free.

And who said that they can’t be killed if it helps an idiot buy a swimming pool or a Bentley
Or two.

And even though we all know what is happening is wrong
And face book friends quote funny things to help us get along.

Even when we see and we know that things are bad,
Another year won’t hurt.

We’ll do something then.

And I’ve heard rhino horn can give you an erection.
Or win the election.
Or fill in the bit in the Times that they call the wild life section.

See you next year all…
I’ll say good buy to the rhino now , just in case.





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