About Mum and Dad

Me Mum and Daisy girl Bardalino x
Me Mum and Daisy girl Bardalino x

Not sure why I’m sad.

Got a text off Mum saying her and Dad were working in the garden.

So late on in life I wondered why working in the garden was so important when they could be in Italy with the sun.

Eating pasta by lake Garda drinking wine having fun.

Mum called me from Italy and I said stay until the end of Summer.

But they came home and now their working in the garden.

I thought my Dad might hate working in the garden and would probably liked to have stayed in Italy.

I think my Mum could have too.

I like that they ended up in the garden together.

And I remember growing potatoes with them when I was seven.

I just want them to be happy.

By the side of lake Garda or in their garden.

I want them to do whatever they want to do.

And then I want my Dad to make my Mum laugh and then make her the special drink he always makes her.

That’s what I want. x


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