Wrestling and my part in it’s history

My Grandma said that Big Daddy was the only one who could fight Giant Haystack. For me seeing Mick McManus get rollerball Rocko in a figure four leg lock changed my life. My Grandma was strong, she would forearm slam the coalman sometimes, if he got it wrong. My Grandma also made the milkman cryContinue reading “Wrestling and my part in it’s history”

Moving Tramps into Europe (adult)

In the 70’s my uncle Brian set up a charity wanking tramps off. Today he’s got 400 wankers working for him They moved into Europe but you have to wank them off on the wrong side of the road and you have to have a warning triangle and spare bulbs I asked a wanker aboutContinue reading “Moving Tramps into Europe (adult)”

Nature and the Vacuume.

“Designing Vacume cleaners can be fun” they said and they asked me to spell Vacume which I did Vacume! “Wrong!” they said,there are two U’s in Vacuume, one for U and one for the appliance.” Then I smiled and they said, “Now see how your having fun!” And I smiled again and said “Why don’tContinue reading “Nature and the Vacuume.”

Beautiful Birthday and i don’t and can’t care because it felt right so there! X

Birthday For Jo x Birthdays are birthdays but when you wish a happy birthday to someone your more than glad and happy and shout because her being born makes your life worth while And buying a card and spending time with her on that special day brings more than a smile And you love herContinue reading “Beautiful Birthday and i don’t and can’t care because it felt right so there! X”